Fire Installations

Our tradesmen can help advise you on the right fire to heat your home. After completing a Building Consent (which is lodged with either the District or City Council), your fire can be installed with the assistance of one of our builders, if any modifications are required.  We are also able to co-ordinate tiles, hearths or carpet laying and manufacture flues, supports and flashings in our workshop to speed up the process. Although we don’t complete the consent process for you, we are more than happy to assist you through this process.  Consent forms for Invercargill City Council are attached for your reference, so please feel free to contact us if you would like us to post/email a copy of these to you.

consent                             solidfuel

BuildingConsentAndOrPIM-Form2 (1)       Solid Fuel Burner Checklist – B262 (1)